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Fantastic Quality

Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

Fantastic quality. Not quite as white in the flesh as it is in the photos but really happy.


Seiganaut Watch
great dial

the dial is great!

Seigaiha Dial
Peter Fox
High quality dial

This dial has exactly what I wanted, fine detail wave pattern. The lume matches perfectly with the other lume on my watch. It’s a great centerpiece for my DIY Sieko mod.


Absolutely beautiful dial, extremely satisfied. Can't wait to see what gets released next.

Sumi-e Dial
Eddie Lee

Absolutely beautiful dial, can't wait to see what release are next.

Seigaiha Dial
chan Pit Shing
This is so striking

All i can say is wow, pictures doesn't do it justice. looks so amazing in real life

Kintsugi Dial
Johan Van Vugt
Kintsugi dial

I received the dial and there were some issues with it... komo send me a new one and it was fine ... good serviceđź‘Ť

Seigaiha Dial
Janne Hämäläinen
Fabulous dial

Excellent, with great attention to detail. The pattern looks incredible especially under a magnifying loop.

Kintsugi Dial
Janne Hämäläinen
Nice dial, with small imperfections

The dial looks as fabulous, if not even better, in real life. There is hovewer a couple of very small imperfections on the surface (I thought they are dust, but after trying to remove and looking with a loop, they are small perforations. The first can be seen with bare eyes, but only in correct lighting conditions. The other is visible (at least to me) when looking through a magnifying loop. Probably expected at this price level, but I still reduced the rating because of this.

Seigaiha Dial
Jeff Linsday

The finishing and design is superb. Excellent dial. One complaint and that is the lume. I wish I had gotten the bgw9 because the c3 has that greenish tint to it all of the time. Not all c3 is like this, so I didn't know. Looking closer at the photos on the website, I now realize this. Still. Great dial. Looking forward to seeing your next piece

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Stuart Smith
Stunning Dial!

It’s a truly beautiful dial, well worth the wait! People always comment on the colour.
I’ve built it into Namoki Willard case. It’s now my favourite watch build!

Seigaiha Dial
Johan Van Vugt
Seigaiha dial

Very nice dial with good lume and a quick delivery...thnx


Lovely dial!

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
What a unique dial

The Yagasuri dial is well made and it catches the light in so many different places. The Lume is bright and really pops.

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Randy Abaya
Yagasuri Dial

The color and detail of this dial is amazing! Well worth it!

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Guy Shackleton
The best I’ve seen!

The Yagasuri Dial is exquisite and a joy to look at on your wrist. I’ve tried many dials and they all pale into insignificance next to this masterpiece.

Sumi-e Dial

Sumi-e Dial

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Jeff James
Exquisite Yagasuri blue dial

A beautiful, magical, exclusive dial.
Truly stunning.
Thank you Komo.

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Brady Romine
Gorgeous Dial

Love this dial. Great detail, amazing color.

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Griffin Yong
Not bad but

Overall it’s pretty nice dial, things that’ll make it truly masterpiece…The texture could use some soft edges, imagine spb165 vs sbge009. Also if it could actually play with lights with green and blue like the product image will be great.

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Will Sherwood-King
Beautiful dial

The texture, colour and finish on this dial is absolutely incredible and I can't wait to insert it into a mod. The only thing I was not as happy with was that the Komo logo, Yagasuri logo and "Automatic professional" text appear to be stickers rather than print on the dial which is a shame.

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Yagasuri dial

Looks more beautiful in real life than the pictures show. Great lume as always with Komo.
Looking forward to the next opportunity to buy another one of your dials

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Stunning dial with some alignment niggles

This is an absolutely stunning dial with the colour and texture of the dial being very eye catching. Turned out just as pretty, or even more, than the promo picture.

My only complaint is that there are some minor alignment issues on mine. The komoworks logo is slightly offset and the 1, 7 and 8 o'clock indices don't align nicely to the black minute markers. Unfortunately it's one of those things where once you spot it, it stays visible for you. However, depending on how detailed you are, it is within tolerable levels.

Overall the dial is so pretty that I am willing to overlook the alignment issue. Can't wait to use it in a build!

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
No regrets

This dial looks amazing đź‘Ť
Reality is far over my expectations !
Great job ! Totally worth the wait.

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Matthew Schiller

The dial is stunning! It is mesmerizing to look at and very high quality in make. This is my first dial from Komo Works, but not my last!