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Beautiful Dial

The Limited Edition Black Sakura Dial from Komoworks is a stunning blend of art and craftsmanship. The intricate sakura design against the deep black background is both elegant and striking. The attention to detail is remarkable, making this dial a true visual delight.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the dial is durable and well-finished. It's practical too, with easily readable markers and a perfect fit for the watch casing. As a limited edition item, it adds a sense of exclusivity and value to any collection.

Overall, the Black Sakura Dial is a beautiful, well-made piece that enhances the aesthetic of any watch. Highly recommended for watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.

High quality, very nice design

The dial completely fits my needs. The color is darker than expected and looks black in many conditions but angle to the light and the green comes out. The contrast of the 24 hr markers and the matching gmt hand is great. Not sure about the lume. From the start I did not love the 12 indice * KOJITSUNAGI (T). It is large and incongruous with the rest of the markers. The price is a bit higher than I would typically like. In the past I have purchased good quality dials like this for 30% less. Given the quality and the uniqueness of this dial and many of your products I am happy to leave the review.

Best dials you'll find!

It’s beautiful

Putting this beautiful dial on my watch makes me cherish the priceless piece even more.

The light catches the dial so well, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Photos Don't Do It Justice

This is such a fantastic looking dial. The coloring, quality, and overall finish on this dial is top notch. Will absolutely look at Komoworks for my next dial!

Japanese Kintsugi Dial
Martin Baptiste
Impressive craftmanship

Incredible dial, plays wonderfully with light. The finishing of the hour markers is immaculate. Can only recommend !

Amazing Dial

Great dial, beautiful and sophisticated.

Japanese Asanoha Dial
Martin Herrmann
Great Dial

The dial arrived promptly, and was just as described. It seemed to be very delicate, and (compared to other dials) I would certainly advise to take extra care when handling and installing it. Once installed the pattern was just gorgeous.

Incredible detail

There are cheaper dials out there, but this is one of the most intricate dials you can find. Absolutely stunning!

Fantastic Quality

Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

Fantastic quality. Not quite as white in the flesh as it is in the photos but really happy.


SEI-241 Watch
great dial

the dial is great!

High quality dial

This dial has exactly what I wanted, fine detail wave pattern. The lume matches perfectly with the other lume on my watch. It’s a great centerpiece for my DIY Sieko mod.


Absolutely beautiful dial, extremely satisfied. Can't wait to see what gets released next.


Absolutely beautiful dial, can't wait to see what release are next.

Gorgeous dial!

Japanese Seigaiha Dial
chan Pit Shing
This is so striking

All i can say is wow, pictures doesn't do it justice. looks so amazing in real life

Kintsugi dial

I received the dial and there were some issues with it... komo send me a new one and it was fine ... good service👍

Japanese Seigaiha Dial
Janne Hämäläinen
Fabulous dial

Excellent, with great attention to detail. The pattern looks incredible especially under a magnifying loop.

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Stuart Smith
Stunning Dial!

It’s a truly beautiful dial, well worth the wait! People always comment on the colour.
I’ve built it into Namoki Willard case. It’s now my favourite watch build!

Seigaiha dial

Very nice dial with good lume and a quick delivery...thnx


Lovely dial!

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
What a unique dial

The Yagasuri dial is well made and it catches the light in so many different places. The Lume is bright and really pops.

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Randy Abaya
Yagasuri Dial

The color and detail of this dial is amazing! Well worth it!

Limited Edition: Yagasuri Dial
Guy Shackleton
The best I’ve seen!

The Yagasuri Dial is exquisite and a joy to look at on your wrist. I’ve tried many dials and they all pale into insignificance next to this masterpiece.