Sakura Dial


The Sakura is the national flower of Japan that represents cherry blossom which brings a time of renewal and optimism. The pink blossoms mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The design of the dial creates multiple blossoms that symbolize the transience of life, giving a brilliant look.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Smith
Great Dial

Awesome design and creative piece of dial

Tinakorn Bunnag
Sakura dial

I think black letter is not good for the pink dial

Jeff Taylor
Absolutely outstanding

The amount of craftsmanship that’s gone into this Dial’s creation is obvious the moment you see it. The definition is crisp.. very crisp !! For this price point it would be hard to beat the quality.

Vincent B
Pretty good

Texture is great, so is printing and text. Only issue is the lume on the 12 marker is noticeably dimmer than the other markers

Chris Speight
Great Dial, But...

Komo dials are very good quality, and it was worth the wait. The service however, leaves a bit to be desired. During the extended wait, Komo clearly hit manufacturing issues but rather than tell the waiting clients, they refused to answer any messages! I do not mind waiting, and I understand that problems sometimes occur, but I do not like being kept in the dark. Next time, just tell your clients if something is not right, especially if they ask.

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