"CREATE YOUR OWN" comes from the meaning of individuality matters. Every watches created has a story to tell. 

KOMO started as a passion project due to our obsession and interests in modified watches. Back then, our team realised that there was a lack of designs when it comes to the dial of a watch. We felt that the dial is the face of the watch and there is potential in creating extraordinary designs for it.

Inspired by the Japanese art culture, we decided to design our first series of dials based on this concept.

In the beginning, we spent close to three months sourcing and experimenting with numerous manufacturers to achieve the highest quality and precision of the dial design. Every detail is done with perfection to ensure our products are of excellence before given to our customers.

Through countless trial and error, we officially launched our first dial known as the Seigaiha dial, and was a hit in the modification scene. The rest is history.

Over the years, we poured our heart and soul into growing this passion project to what it is today. We currently have a passionate team in our very own office space, with the very same goal of providing the highest quality and products.

Today, KOMO is a watch brand that specialises in world class watch dials. We supply a range of dial designs for individuals to choose from. Using top-notch materials, each product is designed for its prime and value.

In tandem with our slogan; "Create Your Own", we aim to create a platform called KOMO Lab for individuals to express their creativity and inspirations in building their own watch.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy designing and sharing them with you!