KOMO will be collaborating with Hoursphere to create your watch for you. They have a team of professional and experienced watch enthusiasts that specialises in building modded watches. They provide complimentary workmanship and limited warranty. If you chance upon an eye-catching piece on our social media, please do not hesitate to contact them for the best quote.

Order Process

 1. Inspiration of your watch
Contact Hoursphere and send them the inspiration of the watch you would like to create.
2. Quotation
After confirmation with the watch parts, a quotation of the watch total price will be given to you.
3. Creating your own watch
Building process will start immediately after confirmation of payment. A soft-copy of the invoice will be sent to your email.
4. Quality check and shipment
Once the watch is ready, the watch will be send to KOMO to do a quality check before shipping it over to you!


You may contact them via Instagram @hoursphere or email them at