Mosaic Phantom Dial

$158 $218

An elusive mystery like a phantom, combining mosaic art with mother of pearl results in a truly unique and visually stunning dial. The dial is adorned with intricate mosaic patterns seamlessly adding the touch of the Arabic indices creating a history behind the entire design: a cultural richness and a timeless beauty in every look.

The date disc is inclusive with the purchase of Phantom dial.

      •   28.5mm diameter dial
      •   Black mother of pearl based colour
      •   Mosaic pattern design
      •   Middle date disc
      •   4 dial feets to fit 3pm / 4pm crown position
      •   Quality assurance by ISO 9001 certified manufacturer

Compatible Movements
      •   4R36
      •   7S26, 7S36
      •   6309
      •   NH36


This dial will be ready to be ship on 15th May 2024. Any orders together with this dial will be ship on this date.

  Pre-order discount
 $158 SGD
January - February
$178 SGD
March - April
$198 SGD May - Till launch

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